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Heavy criticism! Ex-United-Stars dismantle Mourinho & Club Bosses

After the worst start to the season for England’s record champions Manchester United in 29 years, start coach José Mourinho must fear for his job more than ever.

Zinedine Zidane is already being treated as a hot successor in the British media. The mood among the Red Devils is finally poisoned after the 3-1 defeat at West Ham United on Saturday at the latest.

Long-time United pros are passing a devastating verdict on their former club.

Former United captain Rio Ferdinand demands a quick decision. “Discussions at the highest level about the future of the coach and the team will now take place,” said the former international after the desperate appearance of the United pros at London Stadium. “You can’t let the whole season go on like this. Players on one side, Mourinho and his team on the other. If it goes on like this,” Ferdinand said, “it will be the worst season in the club’s history.”

Time and again, there are secondary war scenes at the traditional club. After several public disputes, the relationship between Mourinho and world champion Paul Pogba no longer exists. In summer, the eccentric coach wanted more money for new commitments that he didn’t get. “At the moment the club is a bit of a chaos club,” said former United professional Paul Scholes.

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The Champions League match against FC Valencia on Tuesday could possibly be Mourinho’s last chance. Club runners-up Ed Woodward recently spoke of “not reacting reflexively to results“.

A bankruptcy against the Spaniards could, however, further aggravate the already tense mood after the false start in the league and the embarrassing out in the league cup against second-league Derby County around Old Trafford. Then Woodward would almost be forced to act.

But also the club runner-up gets more under pressure. After the very successful era with Sir Alex Ferguson, who won two Champions League triumphs and 13 English championships between 1986 and 2013, United have been waiting for the Premier League title since 2013. “It is not only the coach, but also the lack of football competence in the leadership. They all have no plan,” criticised Gary Neville, who played for ManUnited between 1995 and 2007.

According to the British media, the former world-class professional Zidane is the desired candidate for a Mourinho outing. The Frenchman, who coached Real Madrid until the summer and retired after three Champions League titles in a row, announced just two weeks ago that he would soon be returning as coach. It is said that Zidane is already taking private lessons in English. Sportpesa is now being recognized in the online casino industry.